Many soccer picks and tips sites provide only a few picks a week, some only one, with many charging huge amounts for this privilege. However, websites like have the best soccer tipsters from around the world who predict the best soccer tips of the day and ensure their subscribers get great value for their money.

What if you can be able to choose the best picks from hundreds of weekly tips to significantly increase your chances of success?

What if those picks are selected based on the past performance of similar picks and those tips were created using a collection of various reliable tried and tested proven methods?

What if you can be able to know if the draw predictions, home predictions or away predictions are more successful in some league than others, For instance, Draw predictions could work more in Italian Leagues than in the English Premier League.


By the use of well established statistical techniques along with automated software, there’s a possibility to generate hundreds of soccer tips every week for many leagues; hypothetically you can cover all of the significant leagues in the globe.

However, lots of these tips will not be correct, but on the other hand, some of them will be accurate, so the question now is how you can determine which will be accurate and which is not? It’s better to just concentrate on one or two matches and forecast their outcome by intensive and cautious focused statistical analysis.

There is a good argument for focused and enhanced analysis of a single match with the main aim of trying to forecast its outcome when carrying out detailed statistical analysis, it’s also good to note that the more data you have to work on soccer bets, then the better the outcome. So you see my point. Definitely, you can also apply this argument to a lone match by accumulating former results for each side and carrying out statistical analysis methods using that information, but why impede your statistical analysis to just that one match?


We know for sure that if we are to make hundreds of automated tips, based on tried and proven methods in which some will be correct while others won’t. So how do we bank in on the best soccer tips of the day, how do we know the ones most likely to be correct, and how do we do it week after week?

Well, the answer to the above questions is to keep a record of how every tip performs, some tips are quite better than others, and we would want to know which ones. At this point, you might be thinking of how you can possibly calculate all of this information for every game, in every league you might want to cover, and also do it week in, week out, don’t fret!  We’ll show you how it’s all done for you at the end of the article.



While keeping a detailed statistical record of how every bet we placed actually performed against the eventual result is usually not enough, the best thing to do now is to have a way of analyzing that information and grouping it rationally to get the best from it.

It’s also good to point out that results are not always the same, a tip that shows one possible outcome for match A and the same possible outcome for match B will not consequently produce the same result.

What’s the reason for this? Well, there are a lot of reasons why and you can never account for them all, if you can successfully do this, you will certainly be a millionaire, but it’s not easy. When you try to forecast the outcome of a soccer match, you may want to look at some qualitative things like the present injury list of each team, the morale of the players, the team sheet, etc.


Also trying to look across all the home win predictions in a particular league can give us an exceptional success rate for home wins for that particular league, but we can develop this even further. We can be able to achieve something by doing this same thing across different leagues and getting a percentage success rate for each league.

This simply implies that we have to know the leagues that produce the best overall home win prediction success rate and bank on them in subsequent matches. By default, we should know which league is more likely to obtain a successful result for a home prediction than the others. Nevertheless, we can also use this method for away win and draw predictions as well.



While trying to forecast the outcome of a single match, there are quite a lot of factors to consider, but there are just a few primary factors that influence why Spanish league should produce more home wins through a season than the English league. The most obvious of these factors could be described as the ‘tightness’ of the league. The best soccer tipsters provide the authentic result from these matches without minding how tight these leagues are.

What do I mean when I say ‘tightness’? In all leagues around the world, there is always a huge gap in the skills and abilities of those teams that are consistently at the top and those at the bottom of the league; this is always signified as a ‘difference in class.’



It’s not just enough taking each tip and recording how it performed; we also have to apply the same rules to every bet you placed. You have to ensure that the parameters you set for each predictive method you use remain constant.

So you have to select your best settings for each method and stick to them for every prediction. You must do this to be consistent with your predictions within leagues, between leagues, and over time.

So you have all it takes to be successful in this game. Hopefully, you’ve been shown how to target and bank on the best leagues to be able to raise your chances of success when predicting 1X2 results. However, I’m very hopeful that this method will improve your profits.

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